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Library Vocabulary: Common Terms Defined

Database - An organized collection of records containing data (citations, statistics, text, etc.) that can be searched and retrieved. The library catalog and many online periodical indexes are examples of databases.

Interlibrary Loan - The process through which a library borrows material from another library or organization. If the item that you are looking for is not owned by HSC Library in print or electronically, and you are a current faculty, staff or student atHSC, you may request the item via Interlibrary Loan.

ISBN (International Standard Book Number) A unique 10-digit number that is given to every book or edition of a book before publication to identify the publisher, the title, the edition, and volume number.

ISSN (International Standard Serial Number)
A unique 8-digit number that identifies a specific periodical title.

Citation - a reference to a text or publication that includes the bibliographic information--author, title, name of journal or name of publisher, date, pages, volumes and other information that is necessary to locate a book, a magazine or journal article, or some other material.

Bibliography - a list of books, periodical articles, government documents, or other materials systematically arranged by author, title, date and place of publication, publisher, details of edition, and page numbers. Published bibliographies on specific subjects are often found in the reference collection.

Call Number - A unique set of letters and numbers designated according to a classification scheme, by which an item in the library's collection is labeled, identified in a catalog,

Abstract - A brief summary of the points in an article.

Cookie - A built-in computer mechanism which remembers passwords, computer addresses and other personal information and repeats it when needed. May be disabled.

Barcode - the code and the 14-digit number appearing on the beginning or end papers of a book. The barcode is used to charge, discharge, and renew books on the online computer system.

Monograph - is a detailed essay or book on a very specific, often limited subject. It is designed to stand alone, and is usually not part of a series, unless the monograph is being released in several parts.

SerialsSolutions 360 Search -
A service which provides the user with a simple and intuitive starting point for research by searching the library's major e-resources collections at once including the library's catalogue. Please use the Full Text Filter for exclusive full text articles.