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Citation Managers


Citation management tools enable researchers to capture bibliographic information about research materials, create bibliographies, create and manage a database of citations, abstracts, and links for documents used for research; export citations/abstracts from research databases and import them, and format bibliographies in a variety of citation styles; plus more.

Endnote Web, and Reference Manager (not web-based) are types of bibliographic management software that aid researchers in managing references and creating bibliographies available in HSC Library Administration.

Currently Reference Manager 11 installed in all the PC located inside HSC campus, HSC Library has also Reference Manager 12.

Reference Manager

  • Reference Manager is an online search tool—it provides a simple way to search online bibliographic databases and retrieve the references directly into Reference Manager. (Reference Manager can also import data files saved from a variety of online services and library databases.)
  • Reference Manager is a reference database—it specializes in storing, managing, and searching for bibliographic references in your personal reference database.
  • Reference Manager is a bibliography maker—it formats citations in Microsoft® Word or Corel® WordPerfect® with the Cite While You Write™ feature. Watch the reference list grow as you insert citations in your manuscript.

  • Reference Manager is used most effectively from the start of a project, when information is being gathered, rather than when writing up begins.
    View Reference Manager  online tutorials  to learn to use Reference Manager 12.
    along with an online overview of the new features of Reference Manager 12

    Update to Reference Manager 12

    If you are having problems with Reference Manager 12 working with Word 2007 you can download a patch which will solve the problem.  For instructions and download go to

    EndNote Web (does not require software download)

    EndNote Web is a free web-based service for managing and citing references in papers and creating bibliographies. It can be used in conjunction with EndNote and the ISI Web of KnowledgeSM research platform.
    • Undergraduate students can organize their references for citing in papers.
    • Professional reseachers and graduate students can use EndNote Web as the perfect complement to EndNote and other desktop writing tools, as well as storing references between ISI Web of Knowledge search sessions.
    EndNote Web on your mobile — EndNote® Web Mobile Site

    What is Mendeley?

    Mendeley is a tool that enables you to manage citations and PDFs you use in your research using either their desktop client or through your account on Mendeley also includes plugins for Word or OpenOffice so you may easily create citations and/or bibliographies as you write your papers.

    What makes Mendeley unique is that it enables you to leverage the power of social networking to create a global citation management network. Use Mendeley to link up with other researchers in your field and discover what they are reading. There are also groups you can join that focus on particular subject areas or research projects. Mendeley even allows you to log in using your Facebook account.

    Setting up a Mendeley is free and comes with 1 GB of storage on their web server. For an additional monthly fee you can get more storage space. For more information click here.

    Citing Sources

    When writing a research paper, you need to provide a citation for every resource you use to compile your research.

    If you refer to the ideas from a specific article within the context of your paper, you need to provide a Reference Manager, endnoteor in-text citation (depending on citation style) to the article andyou must also include the fullcitation for the journal article in your Works Cited / Bibliography page.

    Even if you just used a particular book or web site for background research, you should include it in your Works Cited page.

    Which Citation System Should I Use?
    The best answer to this question is to always ask your instructors which style they prefer. There are many style manuals in use. The most common systems are generally (but not exclusively!) used as follows:
    • MLA Style: English and the Humanities
    • APA Style: Psychology and the Social Sciences
    • Chicago/Turabian Notes: History and the Humanities
    • Chicago/Turabian Author-Date: Physical, Natural, and Social Sciences

    Citation issues to be aware of:
    You are responsible for the accuracy of all citations used in your assignments. Check all of your citations carefully. You may need to edit the citation format.

    Pay particular attention to the format for citations retrieved through online databases (such as Academic Search or JSTOR). In many citation styles (such as MLA) you must note the database from which you retrieved a source, as well as the date accessed. That information may not automatically export from the database into the citation manager.

    Other methods for locating instructions for authors:

    Check the following instructions for authors web sites:

    Check the publisher's web site. Publishers often provide a standard set of instructions for authors.